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We Need Your Help to Complete Our Digital Conversion!



Donations may be mailed or dropped off at the box office.


As movie projection using 35mm film comes to an end, the Roseland Theatre needs your support to complete its conversion to digital projection.  Over the past several years, the motion picture industry has converted from traditional 35mm film to a digital format that requires theatres to purchase and install new digital projection equipment and supporting sound and screen systems.  Unfortunately, the cost to convert our single-screen theatre is over $100,000.


While major theatre chains were eligible for financial assistance from the motion picture studios, small independent theatres like ours were not.  Revenues that allow these theatres to serve their communities throughout the year are unfortunately not sufficient to support major capital expenses such as digital conversion.


We have obtained digital projection equipment financing for $72,000 of the required equipment.  In order to complete the project financing and assure that first-run family motion picture entertainment will continue, we are seeking community funding and support to complement the theatre’s operational commitment.  We are conducting this campaign to diversify funding opportunities and to hopefully achieve adequate funding to fully build and deploy a state of the art digital projection system (done), a 7.1 stereo surround sound system (additional speakers and amps needed to fully optimize system), a new projection screen, screen masking, and theatrical auditorium lighting. 


We are appreciative of the indications of support from the community and the desire of so many to see the Roseland remain a venue for family entertainment.  We know many of you share special memories from attending the Roseland, and hope we can provide the same for future generations.  We hope you will consider making a financial contribution to help us towards our goal and in support of continuing movies here in Onancock.


Options are available for general contributions and for sponsorship of various sound system components.  All funds will support capital improvements.  Contributors will be invited to one or more of our digital premiere shows (movie tickets provided) and we’ll recognize your contributions.


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Donations may be mailed or dropped off at the box office.


Background and Additional Information


Over the past 65 years, family ownership of the theatre has only changed once.  The owners of the theatre have been committed to providing family motion picture entertainment for the community at affordable prices.  Our dedicated managers, projectionists, and concessions workers take pride in manning the theatre each week so that moviegoers can experience movies on the big screen.  We consider the theatre a community asset, and hope you treasure our being here as an entertainment venue for the public.


Having converted to digital projection, our movie offerings and show times will expand.  Additionally, in cooperation with other organizations, we will be able to offer alternative content including a broader selection of independent films, live musical or Broadway shows, sports programming, event cinema, and various other entertainment options. 


We pledge to you our strongest commitment to strive to make the Roseland a quality family entertainment venue for years to come, providing first-run motion pictures and cinema events for the residents and visitors of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Your consideration and assistance in supporting our vision is greatly appreciated. 


A little more about two other organizations that are committed to ensuring a great movie experience for the local community…


Over the past 10 years, the Roseland has hosted a monthly international film series under the sponsorship of Onancock International Films (OIF).  Looking forward to continuing the tradition, OIF just completed its 30th season of four films, presented on the second Thursday of each month.  Digital conversion is essential to continue the presentation of foreign and independent movies.


During 2014, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation known as the Roseland Cinema and Entertainment Center (RCEC) formed to demonstrate the community’s commitment to preserve and maintain the Roseland Theatre and to explore expanding community cultural offerings to support the theatre’s future.  RCEC’s purpose is to foster an environment where the social, cultural, and educational needs of the community are met.  The Roseland Theatre is committed to working with RCEC to assure that the movie theatre in Onancock can be sustained for years to come and that additional cultural offerings can be hosted.









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